Please try AE in demo mode by downloading it from our site before you make your purchase.  Also be sure to see our support pages for details on how to use AE.  Most of the support requests we receive are answered in thos pages.

Aperture Exporter VS Adobe's Importer Plugin

A fair number of folks have been asking about the differences between AE and Adobe's Importer plugin.  Some highlights are:
  • AE requires a working copy of Aperture 3.x, Lr is standalone (not sure about it’s database schema capability).

Embedding XMP Sidecar metadata into JPEGs

XMP Sidecar files can optionally be generated for JPEGs via an advanced option.  While there are many advantages to storing metadata in these sidecar files there is one big drawback.  Adobe's Lightroom does not read them for JPEGs.

D.A.M. Compatibility with AE

Over the years of AE's life we've had many customers export their Aperture libraries for use in "Digital Asset Managment" software other than Adobe's Lightroom.  Many of those clients have reached out to let me know how things worked for them, and more importantly, report when things didn't work properly.

It was recently suggested that we create a Aperture Exporter “Compatability” list that reflects the experiences of our customers.

Over time we’ve received reports of users using AE to migrate their libraries to be managed by the following with satisfactory results:


One of our customers was gracious enough to share her experience with AE and created this guide which many people may benifit from.  This document is also available as a pdf.  Just scroll down to the bottom of this page to download it.

Lightroom vs. NAS vs. AE

Recently a AE user (N.P.) did some nice detective work and agreed to share his finds with us.

It turns out that at least some versions (for sure 6.0) of Lightroom on the Mac can't read sidecar files generated with the uppercase XMP file extension when reading from a NAS running NAS4free with AFP file protocol.

AE V1.3.2 For Snow Leopard Users (OS X 10.6 64bit)

A few folks have been inquiring about making AE compatible with Snow Leopard.  The main build of AE is not compatible as a few UI elements and some code I use requires OS X 10.7 or above.

The Mystery of Aperture Not Able to Embed Metadata Into Some JPEGs

It seems there are some cases where Aperture just can’t write out IPTC metadata to JPEGs for some crazy reason. In the cases I’ve examined even using Aperture’s ability to write IPTC metadata to the original fails. 
The result is always the same; a modal dialog box in Aperture stating that IPTC metadata could not be included for some files.  It doesn't say why, just that it couldn't do it.

AE v1.2 Beta Now Available

The v1.2 beta is now over. Thanks to all the testers. V1.2 is now available to everyone and can be downloaded from the home page.

Howdy folks. We are looking for additional beta testers for the upcoming release of Aperture Exporter v1.2. If you'd like to take it for a spin it can be downloaded from the bottom of this article.

Aperture Exporter 1.1.7 Released

AE 1.1.7 introduces a new advanced feature: The option to create XMP sidecar files for JPEG originals. This is useful for those migrating to something other than Adobe Lightroom (which does not read sidecar files for JPEGs). This option also results in quicker exports.

OS X 10.10 GM compatibility update. (AE V1.1.6)

Aperture Exporter v1.1.6 contains updated code in order to better support OS X 10.10 GM (build 14A379a).

If you are a OS X 10.10 beta tester and have any feedback please fire off an email to me. Build 14A361c introduced new bits for the SQLite dynamic library used by AE which would cause AE to crash at startup in certain circumstances.


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