D.A.M. Compatibility with AE

Over the years of AE's life we've had many customers export their Aperture libraries for use in "Digital Asset Managment" software other than Adobe's Lightroom.  Many of those clients have reached out to let me know how things worked for them, and more importantly, report when things didn't work properly.

It was recently suggested that we create a Aperture Exporter “Compatability” list that reflects the experiences of our customers.

Over time we’ve received reports of users using AE to migrate their libraries to be managed by the following with satisfactory results:

  • Aperture 1.x &  2.x
  • ACDSee
  • Capture One
  • Lightroom
  • Photo Mechanic
  • Filesystem + Finder + Preview + other tools as a D.A.M. system
If you are using or have used a D.A.M. other than those list above please send us a email so we can include it in the list.  For example, we've heard of people migrating to:
  • Mylio
  • Google Photos/Picassa

but have not received enough feedback to say whether or not everything went smoothly enough.