Please try AE in demo mode by downloading it from our site before you make your purchase.  Also be sure to see our support pages for details on how to use AE.  Most of the support requests we receive are answered in thos pages.

Aperture Exporter Beta 5 RC2 Now Available

Release Candidate 2. Hopefully this is the last RC before release 1.0.

Includes initial rate adjustment for caclulating ETA, a warning text region and some warnings, bug fix for rare crash when tagging images for albums.

RC2 now supports OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and above.

Upgrading to RC2 is easy right in Aperture Exporter. Simply use the AE menu item Aperture Exporter, Check for updates....

Beta 5 Release Candidate 1 Now Available

Things are starting to look good based on recent feedback. Therefore I am happy to call beta 5 our first release candidate.

Beta 5 RC1 Includes performance improvements, minor bug fixes, a link to the support page in the help menu, a warning when a library change is detected, updated credits, and support for license files.

Upgrading to RC1 is easy right in Aperture Exporter. Simply use the AE menu item Aperture Exporter, Check for updates....

Aperture Exporter Beta 4 Now Available

Beta 4 has been released and has multiple changes.

√ Use notification center at end of export.
√ Bug fix when creating jpeg.
√ AE added keywords all have a parent called AE.
√ Keywords added to images that are in albums if export albums as folder not selected.
√ Bug fix for offline files.
√ Tag any images that are not pick of stack.
√ Custom metadata converted to keywords.
√ jpeg images are stored with embedded metadata because Lightroom doesn’t import sidecar data for jpegs.

Aperture Exporter Beta 3 Now Available

Beta 3 includes an in app update mechanism to ensure you have the latest and greatest version of AE. AE will now also translate Aperture flags and colour labels to keywords which can be used in Lightroom.

Open Beta 2 Now available

Beta 2 of Aperture Exporter is now a public beta. This beta is developer signed and even has an icon! There are also a few new features. It's available for download now from the front page of this site.

Terminal Diagnosis: Aperture and iPhoto's impending demise

The internet and blogs have been on fire with rampant speculation and theories in the past few weeks regarding Apple's decision to halt development on Aperture and iPhoto. After letting some of the dust settle and put some things in perspective I now have a few things to say. None of it hasn't been said before, but at least I can now express my opinion. I will updated this page as new information develops and I come up with further opinions.

Beta 1 Available

We're actively looking for beta testers for Aperture Exporter. If you are interested please fire off an email to us and we'll get you signed up.


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