Aperture Exporter VS Adobe's Importer Plugin

A fair number of folks have been asking about the differences between AE and Adobe's Importer plugin.  Some highlights are:
  • AE requires a working copy of Aperture 3.x, Lr is standalone (not sure about it’s database schema capability).
  • AE maintains your Aperture hierarchy in the saved folders.  Lr destroys that and saves it in a YYYY/MM/DD scheme.
  • AE allows control over which images are saved with baked in adjustments.
  • Lr saves images with baked-in adjustments by finding the Aperture preview files (low quality) and saving those.
  • AE allows images with baked-in adjustments to be saved as high quality TIFFs or JPEGs (adjustable quality).
  • The Lr importer tends to loose location metadata especially when added using Aperture's locations feature.
  • Lr importer looses any version names you've added to your images.  AE maintains them and can also rename the exported files based on the version name.
  • AE can name images based on image naming profiles.
  • AE saves metadata in a text file even when the original file is missing (offline).
  • AE doesn't require Lightroom
  • AE's exported results can be used with products other than Lightroom.
  • AE is actively supported and maintained.
  • you can actually get support for AE.  smiley


Any other differences you have questions about?  Have you noticed a difference that isn't noted here?  Drop us an e-mail and we'll be happy to add it here.