--->UPDATE<--- Aperture Exporter is now compatible with MacOS 10.14 Mojave.  You can get the newest version (1.4.0) here right now and is available for purchase directly from us.  We are unsure of when we will return to the Mac App Store.


Aperture Exporter VS Adobe's Importer Plugin

A fair number of folks have been asking about the differences between AE and Adobe's Importer plugin.  Some highlights are:
  • AE requires a working copy of Aperture 3.x, Lr is standalone (not sure about it’s database schema capability).
  • AE maintains your Aperture hierarchy in the saved folders.  Lr destroys that and saves it in a YYYY/MM/DD scheme.
  • AE allows control over which images are saved with baked in adjustments.
  • Lr saves images with baked-in adjustments by finding the Aperture preview files (low quality) and saving those.
  • AE allows images with baked-in adjustments to be saved as high quality TIFFs or JPEGs (adjustable quality).
  • The Lr importer tends to lose location metadata especially when added using Aperture's locations feature.
  • Lr importer loses any version names you've added to your images.  AE maintains them and can also rename the exported files based on the version name.
  • AE can name images based on image naming profiles.
  • AE saves metadata in a text file even when the original file is missing (offline).
  • AE doesn't require Lightroom
  • AE's exported results can be used with products other than Lightroom.
  • AE is actively supported and maintained.
  • you can actually get support for AE.  smiley


Any other differences you have questions about?  Have you noticed a difference that isn't noted here?  Drop us an e-mail and we'll be happy to add it here.