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Lightroom vs. NAS vs. AE

Recently a AE user (N.P.) did some nice detective work and agreed to share his finds with us.

It turns out that at least some versions (for sure 6.0) of Lightroom on the Mac can't read sidecar files generated with the uppercase XMP file extension when reading from a NAS running NAS4free with AFP file protocol.

Let's discect this a little bit as it's a tad complicated. N.P. used AE to export to his local drive at first as a test.  That was working correctly.  However, when he used AE to export to his NAS and attempted to import the results into Lightroom he would loose all the metadata contained in the XMP sidecar files.

More from N.P.

By default sidecars generated by either Exporter for Aperture, Aperture or Photos have uppercase XMP extensions. As long as these generated files are on the same hard drives/OS as LR is installed then LR sees the metadata in the LR catalog after adding the images.  As soon as I tell EA to chose my NAS as the destination of my exported files then LR is lost and does not read and add the Metadata to its catalog.  I can get around this by telling OSX Automator to rename the XMP file extensions to lowercase and then adding them to Lightroom catalog. After that renaming all is fine and metadata show up in LR. 

Now we can't be sure of a few things.  For example

  1. Are other NAS units/distros affected
  2. Are other versions of Lr affected
  3. Is this an issue with the OS X AFP protocol stack
  4. Is this an issue with the NAS4free AFP protocol stack

We'd love to hear from you if you've experienced similar trouble with your NAS and importing to Lightroom so we can share your experiences.