Please try AE in demo mode by downloading it from our site before you make your purchase.  Also be sure to see our support pages for details on how to use AE.  Most of the support requests we receive are answered in thos pages.

AE v1.2 Beta Now Available

The v1.2 beta is now over. Thanks to all the testers. V1.2 is now available to everyone and can be downloaded from the home page.

Howdy folks. We are looking for additional beta testers for the upcoming release of Aperture Exporter v1.2. If you'd like to take it for a spin it can be downloaded from the bottom of this article.

This new version features a new UI that will hopefully make more features apparent and obvious. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. There are other improvements and a few additional features available in this beta too. There are a few loose ends that we are aware of that are being addressed, but those things do no affect functionality.

Users new to Aperture Exporter will be given the opportunity to purchase a license at a greatly reduced price.