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Aperture Crashes Followed by AE Crashing

Since AE relies on Aperture to do it's work, when Aperture crashes there is a good chance Aperture Exporter will crash too.

If this happens, I'll be happy to look at the crash reports. Send them my way. That being said, there is very little I can do to prevent Aperture from crashing. That is Apple's issue to resolve, and I highly doubt they are interested in fixing any bugs in Aperture anymore.

You can try a few things that might help though.

1. Report the Aperture crash to Apple.
2. File a bug report with Apple.
3. Try running Aperture's library first aid.
4. Re-install Aperture.

The latest information we've been able to gather is that there may be corrupt thumbnails and/or original files in the Aperture library that causes Aperture to crash. You can check the system logs using and see the log entries leading up to the crash.

AE will indicate which project it was currently working on up to the crash, and Aperture may have also logged some errors. In the case we are aware of, Aperture started complaining about corrupt thumbnail data just before the crash.

A remedy might be to go to the last project AE was working on in Aperture and try regenerating thumbnails and previews. You can also try manually exporting the images in that project. If any of those steps causes Aperture to crash you might have to start deleting the problem images in Aperture.