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Aperture Crashes when AE creates JPEGs/TIFFs with Adjustments

There is an interesting bug with Aperture's export presets and the color profile used.

For context;  AE utilizes an Aperture export preset whenever it is creating JPEGs or TIFFs with adjustments baked-in.  By default, the preset it uses is the  “TIFF - Original Size (8-bit)” profile.  If one were to modify this profile from the defaults AE will pick up on the modification and use it.

The problem is that certain color profiles cause Aperture to crash.  Note this is not specific to AE's interaction with Aperture.  Doing a manual export will also crash Aperture.

The profiles that crashed Aperture on me were:

  • Adobe RGB Linear
  • Generic Linear

The others that I tested did not exhibit any crashes.  Unfortunately that doesn't mean the list above is comprehensive.