--->UPDATE<--- Aperture Exporter is now compatible with MacOS 10.14 Mojave.  You can get the newest version (1.4.0) here right now and is available for purchase directly from us.  We are unsure of when we will return to the Mac App Store.


Trouble using the license file/registering AE

In addition to receiving a receipt for your purchase, a second email was sent that included your license file and instructions on how to register using the license file.   We've tried to be concise and accurate in the email on registration proceedure:
To use this license file, be sure to launch Aperture Exporter at least once. This will register the license file type with OS X. Next, simply double click in finder the attached license to register Aperture Exporter.
For many our efforts to describe the process has come up short.  To paraphrase what you are supposed to do to register….
1. Launch AE at least once.
2. For the rest AE can be running or not.  It shouldn’t matter.
3. Open the email with the license file.  The subject line of that email would be something like: "Your License for order xxxx at the Blue Pill Store"
4. Copy the license file from the email to somewhere convenient like the desktop
5. Double click on the license file.  This will cause AE to read the file via OS X.
6. That’s all. You can now archive the license file for future use in case you need to re-install.  For now it is no longer needed
7. AE will now indicate that it is registered to you.