Please try AE in demo mode by downloading it from our site before you make your purchase.  Also be sure to see our support pages for details on how to use AE.  Most of the support requests we receive are answered in thos pages.

Resume Mode

Resume mode is made available when AE sees that the destination folder contains *any* subfolders.

In Resume mode, when AE comes across a folder that already exists in the export hierarchy AE will skip that folder for exporting. In AE versions prior to 1.1.3, it is possible that AE had a chance to create the directory and put in the originals and TIFFs with adjustments before cancelling took effect. This means if you were unlucky, you have a folder that has the originals and maybe some TIFFs with adjustments, but no JPEGs with adjustments.

AE 1.1.3 and above will actually delete the last folder it was working on when an export was cancelled so that going forward this won’t be an issue.