--->Please Be Advised<--- I've been dealing with some major health issues since about June 2019 which is limiting my ability to handle support requests.  

With this in mind please try AE in demo mode by downloading it from our site before you make your purchase.  Also be sure to see our support pages for details on how to use AE.  Most of the support requests we receive are answered in thos pages.

Release 1 Milestone Reached

We are very pleased to announce that Aperture Exporter has gone gold and Release 1.0.2 is now available for general usage. I'd sincerely like to thank all of our beta testers who provided bug reports, feature suggestions, and donations. I know many of you have even used the beta to export your main libraries. Without your help, AE would not have been possible. Of course we will continue to keep on top of all bug reports and add new features based on your feedback. Upgrading to version 1.0.2 is easy right in Aperture Exporter. Simply use the AE menu item Aperture Exporter, Check for updates.... When you first try Aperture Exporter it will be running in demo mode which places restrictions on the number of images that are exported into each folder. To remove this restriction you must purchase a license key.

Aperture Exporter - 7822383 Canada Ltd.

Aperture Exporter is also available from the Mac App Store.