--->UPDATE<--- Aperture Exporter is now compatible with MacOS 10.14 Mojave.  You can get the newest version (1.4.0) here right now and is available for purchase directly from us.  We are unsure of when we will return to the Mac App Store.


Aperture Exporter 1.1.3 with Faces Support and Export Resume now available

It's here. Aperture Exporter now has Aperture Faces support. For sure this was the most requested feature request and many people were waiting for a version that supported faces.

How it works:
AE reads the Aperture database in order to determine which images have identified faces. Those images receive keywords that indicate the faces in the image. The format of the keyword is:

Face - [name]

AE will try to automatically determine the location of your Aperture library and that code looks solid. However, if doesn't get the right library you can tell AE where it is really located.

Users with license keys have unrestricted access to the new faces feature. Unregister users will find that AE is restricted to tagging up to 5 faces in your images.

This release also includes an export resume mode. Some notes about resume mode:

When you begin an export, AE will check the destination folder to see if it contains *any* subfolders. If it detects that, it will prompt you for Resume Mode, or Normal Mode.

In Resume mode, when AE comes across a folder that already exists in the export hierarchy AE will skip that folder for exporting. In previous AE versions, it is possible that AE had a chance to create the directory and put in the originals and TIFFs with adjustments before cancelling took effect. This means if you were unlucky, you have a folder that has the originals and maybe some TIFFs with adjustments, but no JPEGs with adjustments.

This new version will actually delete the last folder it was working on when an export was cancelled so that going forward this won’t be an issue.