--->Please Be Advised<--- I've been dealing with some major health issues since about June 2019 which is limiting my ability to handle support requests.  

With this in mind please try AE in demo mode by downloading it from our site before you make your purchase.  Also be sure to see our support pages for details on how to use AE.  Most of the support requests we receive are answered in thos pages.


Have you tried the demo?

Thanks for reaching out to contact Blue Pill Software Ltd. about Aperture Exporter. If you've not already looked at our FAQ please head over there now. Your questions may have already been addressed. If you're having trouble with AE our Trouble Shooting pages may have the answers you are looking for.

To report a bug please be sure to include the version numbers you are using for OS X, Aperture, and Aperture Exporter along with a detailed description of your problem.